White Truffle - Hybrid - by Cookies - Strain Review - from Dr Greenthumbs, Sylmar, Ca
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  • Published at 2019-12-16 05:44:48
  • Samuel Basile

    Good review as always, There is also the black truffle I have tried it myself and I would suggest to try it to whoever has the chance to, very enjoyable flower for sure check it out

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  • Samuel Basile

    Weed Entertainment I only tried the black truffle but I agree with you it’s a premium flower but there are better out there for sure

  • Weed Entertainment

    Thanks or the comment and tip.
    I had a chance to buy both the white and the black truffle and picked the white to try one first. Cookies white truffle was beautiful flower and budtender recommended.
    For me, it was just Ok.. not rebuy..
    Party on..

  • PanTheGoatMan

    Vaping is lacking. Can’t get a full spectrum high that way. Burning bud is the only way to go

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  • Weed Entertainment

    No really..
    Everyone is allowed their opinion.
    I live many days and most of them included bongs, joints and pipes..
    VaporCup is a game changing item.
    It really removes most of the issues with vaporizers. You get a flavorful experience with VaporCup. I don’t think you loose anything.
    The only downside is it takes longer to use than taking a bong hit. Other than that,
    VaporCup is a much better experience at any age.. It’s designed in LA for heavy responsible use.. You loose much of the stink issues and you can preload a day worth in the strawpack.
    I get a very euphoric feeling and can be productive during my day with the right strains.
    I stopped smoking 15 years ago already.
    I’m so glad I did..

  • Ears2MyMusic88

    Doc, Laughing Gas - White Truffle (Oreo Cookies x Cactuz) is a must try and Funfetti (Fire OG x Afghani x Runtz) from Pastry’s as well

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  • Ears2MyMusic88

    @Weed Entertainment laughing gas is brand, cultivator is zeki manufactured by pacwest distributors

  • Weed Entertainment

    Which cultivator for Laughing Gas?
    I already tried Cookies version..
    Happy Tuesday..

  • Chad Prewitt

    The black truffle is better def gelato the white truffle I’m thinking it’s a Tahoe cookies or some cookies

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Both are beautiful buds.
    I only tried the white truffle and I picked by looks not by insider info.. I was ok, there are definitely better flowers. With that said it was enjoyable.. thanks for the comment.
    Party on.. 😎


    Hey they have a black truffle from Scoopz as well cheers !

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    Weed Entertainment no but a friend has and it looked pretty good

  • Weed Entertainment

    Did you try the scoopz black truffle?
    If yes, what did you think..
    Let me know.
    The Dr

  • Nolan Towle

    Too bad cookies or scoops is not the breeder of this. They stole it from fresh coast seed co.

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Every once in awhile you get a seed in a bag.
    A good cultivator will turn it into something likely different than the prior cultivator..
    The cultivator is a big part of the end result of the harvest. It’s more than just genetics..
    Enjoy the videos. We are looking for LA’s best batches. We all share info to buy better..
    Happy Friday..
    The Doc..

  • Roseland Style

    Shit is mild, I wouldn't buy again either

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  • Weed Entertainment

    It was just ok.. definitely not a rebuy..

  • Who Is this

    Truffles smacks had it twice

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  • Weed Entertainment

    I heard that too.
    This may not be the same flower..
    When I bought they had a choice of white or black truffles and I picked the white as it was the most beautiful but this was a blind pick without tip from this community..
    There also have been posts the just truffles is 🔥.. The one I tried was just ok..
    Most of the flowers I review are good..
    This was just an average flower..

  • doniawon johnson

    Cookies🙄. Overrated.

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  • doniawon johnson

    @Weed Entertainment just checked out Gary Payton
    Now I'm confused.
    Is exotics Mike supplying cookies and jungle boys with cuts?..

    Wonder what he makes a year?. 😆. Modern day king of cannabis. He seem to have the best of the best of the elites from the last 20 years to today.
    Anyone running that gear is definitely not overrated.
    I was wrong. Happens alot.

  • doniawon johnson

    @Weed Entertainment getting fire packs from TLC..jungle boys stuff.
    The gellato, runtz, Topanga, sfv crosses are turning out insanely good.

  • Weed Entertainment

    Many comments like yours for heavy hitters.
    It’s all about the batches. I’m testing Fire Society Loardz right now. It’s the first flower of the day.. you never know if it’s got the something something unless you try..
    Be safe and party on..

  • doniawon johnson

    @Weed Entertainment not important... Bless up brotha.. nice channel, stay safe.

  • doniawon johnson

    @Weed Entertainment been growing testing chucking blah blah since 96'.
    Burner doesn't impress me. At all.
    I respect real growers like dj. capulator, bodhi, exotics Mike, Mr soul etc.
    Actually tested for dj short, bodhi, strayfox, archive, sincity etc and know soul.. been around and can say without doubt had better stuff in the mid 90's in the spectrum of elite genetics than "cookies"..
    Cookie hybrids are nice, but so are alot of various linages...

    To be clear.. "cookies" the company .. burner etc overrated.

    Not the blend of African Columbian beauty that is girl scout cookies.. lovely strain*. Shit company, IMHO...

  • Laskrt962

    So is the white truffle exotic or gass

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Some flowers are just better.
    I am totally spoiled and I think I better understand the range of flowers effects better than most as I have so many tries over the years.. it works but I want happiness and heaviness.. this flower was more like a dull thud.. it works and it may hit you differently..
    If you grab any 8.75 and especially 9 rated flower in Weed Entertainment you will totally get it..
    Some batches are better because the have a better something something..
    Party on..
    The Doc 😎

  • Laskrt962

    @Weed Entertainment so u didn’t get high

  • Weed Entertainment

    I don’t really remember exactly..
    I remember the flower was a beauty and I the feeling was not euphoric and didn’t have any focus.. not for me but beautiful to the eye..
    Party on..