Pancakes - Hybrid - by Cookies - Strain Review - from Dr Greenthumbs, Sylmar Ca
  • 2 month(s) ago

Weed Entertainment
  • Published at 2020-05-02 02:00:06
  • CJ Morton

    Hey man, I’ve been LOVING your content since finding the channel recently. I’m based in the Bay, but there’s a lot of crossover here, and it’s cool that you try out everything. Your video are inspiring because I want to do something kinda similar, but with a slightly different review format

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Party on CJ,
    Find the 🔥🔥🔥

  • Location Jason

    Another great video. I really want to try this one. By the way , I just tried the connected sugar cone indoor ..... really good!

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Let me check out Elevate..
    I need a new place to try..
    Thanks for the info..
    Party on.. it sat and time to bake..

  • Location Jason

    Weed Entertainment they have it Elevate Dispensary in Woodland Hills as well.

  • Weed Entertainment

    I’m looking t0 grab indoor Connected Sugar Cone.. I see they have it in Santa Monica..
    I’m really still in lock down for two weeks more.
    Let’s see if I can’t get delivery..
    Party on and thanks for the tip..

  • Thomas HEart

    Hell yeah man cool video, I tried pancakes today in a pre-roll it was awesome

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Look for Cookies a Blue Cookies..
    It’s even better.. stronger and more euphoric..

  • KeyLo🔑G

    I watch all your videos. It helps choosing the right ones especially with cookies and insane. Dr.greenthumb is the best dispensary.

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  • Weed Entertainment

    They have the best flower of any dispensary I know of.. with that said, to find the best you need to move around. I have grabbed really good strains at Buds and Roses in Studio City lately.. Happy Sat, party on.. and enjoy the flowers..

  • Chris Martinez

    This strain makes me feel like a warm hug

  • Mr. Lawrence

    I fuckin love this guy

  • fwdfdfsa111133

    I thought pancakes was good. I think it's a day time weed. Cookies is expensive but you know your getting quality weed and I'm not just talking about the thc level I'm talking the way it's grown and nurtured, shit even the packaging is quality. But 60 dollar 8ths.. it cost to be the boss 😤

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Like any cultivator they have good, average and just ok.. watch the latest Cookies multi strain review on this @WeedEntertainment channel.
    It will be very helpful to you..
    Happy Tuesday.. Party on..
    The Doc

  • Natdl

    I was disappointed with this one, had no nose no legs and just wasn't up to par..digging your reviews, not to long not to short.

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  • Weed Entertainment

    It’s not about the hype it’s about the something something. It’s not about the strains, it’s about the batches.. if you like cookies, you need to know what to buy until the batches are not good anymore which may happen too.
    Grab Cookies J1-P3 or Cookies Peach Punch.
    They are good and strong.. Gary Payton OG good if THC around 22% or above.
    I have only had real good batches of Cookies Gary Payton OG but others say the quality going down and THC is down too.
    Buy right and by the right batches..
    Happy holiday.. party on..

  • findingthetruth 2

    That is some beautiful flower. Have a great day. Always a pleasure.

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Party on my brother.. we are looking for the nest flowers and enjoying the flower hobby.
    Flower people are like fine wine.. just nicer..

  • A. White

    This is a good strain very smooth on inhale almost like vapor.. you hit this one time you high

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Mr White,
    Cookies Pancakes was super smooth out of VaporCup but if you like Cookies there are strains with a better something somethings to look for. Grab Cookies J1-P3, Cookies Peach Punch, Cookies Gary Payton OG and Cookies Berry Pie. These are the better strains that I have tried and I have tried 30 plus strains from Cookies.. Let the best flowers be known

  • Mark Birkeland

    The snowman is a cross in Gary Payton. I bet you’d love the snowman

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  • Weed Entertainment

    In Feb 2104 at the Cannabis Cup I think caught
    Coronavirus Mers which has a 35-40% death rate. It was scary as F. My symptoms were exactly 100% Mers. I want to do a video about the experience but scaring the F out of people maybe not right for this channel which is about the weed hobby. In short after 10 days home very sick i could couldn’t walk.. at the hospital they asked me to donate my body parts and I told the ER Dr. Don’t touch my body parts. It was just an out of body experience. It was my first Cannabis Cup.. I was so excited to be there.. but it’s a crowded and no one was talking about Mers Coronavirus because it was in other countries.. we need to be aware what’s in other countries comes here.. I did 100% recover in 8 months. I also stopped using flower during this entire episode because I went undiagnosed but my symptoms are exactly Mers. All of them, exactly the same.
    I would say this also changed my spirit a little.
    I am very aware how fragile life is and to take care as it can be over in an instant.
    Beware a virus with no cure.. you can’t even understand how terrible it was..
    I will test for Mers antibodies after this dies down. My guess is educated as my Dr said likely I had coronavirus to me when I discussed this with him after the fact.

  • Dutchmaster710

    Weed Entertainment how was your experience with covid and how’d you beat it

  • Weed Entertainment

    Big Zap,
    Did you try Synergy Apple Fritter.
    It’s in store now.. review to come but it’s something.. to try..

  • Fibonacci

    @Weed Entertainment plenty more horchata to come! it sold out for a reason haha the Italian ice is also a nice one but not quite on the level of the horchata. But yes, be extra careful for sure, Im glad you were able to get your hands on the red rum to try, enjoy and stay safe!

  • Weed Entertainment

    Review to come.. 😎

  • Joshua Sanchez

    Mine is 0 cbd
    And 26.48thc

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Party on Joshua 👍

  • Joshua Sanchez

    @Weed Entertainment I agree my fav strain is Lemon Sour Diesel
    If want some real good bud id try that👍💯

  • Weed Entertainment

    Cookies Pancakes was just ok for me.
    It was not one of the better Cookies strains.
    Let the best flowers be known..

  • Ki!!a goin

    Went to cookies grabbed the flan and dolce gelato

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  • piff 1000

    That flan fire

  • Ki!!a goin

    Lol it's never in stock lol

  • Weed Entertainment

    Grab Cookies J1-P3.
    It will hit the right spot. It’s very strong with a euphoric bright focus.. it’s very good and one of Cookies best two strains. It’s not getting play but it’s all on..

  • Ki!!a goin

    I liked the smells the flan gave me a good high but the gelato was super well rounded

  • Weed Entertainment

    Let me know how they are.
    I have not tried either..
    Party on and enjoy..