Blue Tomyz - Sativa Hybrid - by Backpack Boyz - Strain Review - from Cookies, Woodland Hills Ca
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Weed Entertainment
  • Published at 2020-09-04 02:00:09
  • Fibonacci

    Definitely try to get some Haupia by Shoppingcarts415 The cross is lemon cherry gelato x bacio gelato. The batch I got had Pina colada tasting temps and got me super stoned, I had to save a quarter that I won't be touching until I know I can get some more(because I'm east coast I pay a premium and have to search hard for the exclusives) but im telling you if you can get some of the Haupia do it for sure, its a top 10 this year for me no doubt. Also Cream by cannatique is another new good one.

  • 91750fast

    How much would you say is your average 8th price as a medical guy in southern California? I know a lot of these top shelf ones go for 80+ CASH ONLY lol. Like you said, supply and demand. The good batches are rare and you have to hop on it. Do you think the price is worth it? I honestly dont mind as long as its something good and unique.

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  • Weed Entertainment

    We are all buying better including me.
    Marathon OG from VaporCup can have a feeling that lasts for hours and hours.
    Crazy.. good..

  • Himura

    @Weed Entertainment 🎯🎯 right on the money! I’m in a very similar position with BPB, I usually look towards your reviews before trying most of their flower due to lack of description anywhere else. White Cherry Gelato, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Gummie Bearz are amongst some of the strongest strains I’ve ever smoked period. Haven’t had the opportunity to try Italian Ice yet but I hear great things about it as well. I highly recommend Gummie Bearz if you ever come across it.

  • Weed Entertainment

    We can’t talk about price here.
    It’s against policies and can cause real issues. Please post carefully.
    Also, 100% you will buy better buy watching the videos. We are all discussing batches you can buy now. That’s why this channel is so helpful to me and everyone else looking for flowers. We all win by sharing information..

  • Weed Entertainment

    Backpack Boyz is not all fire strains.
    You need to pick smart or you will get heavy without euphoria flowers.
    I have found most BackbacknBoyz that way.
    I have tried many strains from BPB but Inhave not tried Italian Ice.
    This strain has really good comments and I want to try.

  • Weed Entertainment

    No greenhouse can compare to indoor hydro flowers. The taste of the hydro flowers is pure pleasure from VaporCup..
    There are some good greenhouse flowers but once you go hydro with vape, it’s smooth and just better for me especially if you use a lot daily.


    Great video, you should take a look at Green Dragon (Green Dragon Caregivers) they have some really top of the line flowers, I’m just not sure how far away that is from you

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  • Johnny Lee

    ive said something about them before. You can get GD at other shops besides their flagship. They have been killin it

  • Weed Entertainment

    I was on my way to green dragon with a planned strain list from @WeedEntertainment tips on Saturday AM and responsibility called so I ended going on Sunday morning. On Sunday all the strains recommended were all sold out... I was very disappointed. I did grab three strains.. reviews to come

  • Kush_hash _Toker


  • Rafael Toro

    Can you review FIORE? Dropping g this Friday morning @ Cookies

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  • Weed Entertainment

    I’m trying to grab it.
    Let’s see if I get Lucky.
    Thanks for the shout out.. and tip..

  • jonathan bishop

    I'd rate it way higher.

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  • Weed Entertainment

    It’s really strong..
    if you like strong.. It’s great.

  • Jim Holycross

    Party on Doc.. enjoy 🌱

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Party on Jim.. happy Friday

  • Andrew Sandberg

    Gooniez has the best flower

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  • The 80s Babies 310

    No not at all

  • Kush_hash _Toker

    Get some haupia

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  • Fibonacci