Zoink- by Balanced - August 2021
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  • Published at 2021-09-01 02:33:03
  • Ben D'Angelo

    Hi Doc! I just bought the Vapor Cup this morning. Hopefully it arrives soon, I’m very excited. I have some basic questions!

    1. How long does a bowl usually last/how many puffs?

    2. Do you use the screens provided with the glass straw? Do you have to use them?

    3. Does it make the weed last more than a bong?

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Good for you.
    You will learn best use over a few days.
    It will definitely save on flowers..
    The trick is a good preheat for best use..
    Let the VaporCup preheat five mins..
    You don’t need to do this but it’s helpful to learn use. This is not about the temperature it about the cup environment getting hot. The hotter the environment, the shorter the glass straw needs to be in the chamber and it also produces a better quality vapor.. I use at 330 (low temperature) and at that temp you can get at least 10 draws or more., the higher the temp, the less flavorful draws.. VaporCup comes with everything.. if you got the combo it comes with even more.. It’s good to start by trying different flowers too.. you will be amazed at the difference between them. Enjoy more info will come to help with use..
    Party on..
    The Doc

  • Richard Graciano

    Hidoc what magnifying glass do you recommend to look at my flower

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  • Weed Entertainment

    You should look at options..
    Just sayin.. says 420 scope and my buy was just a guess.. mine definitely works.
    You should get lighting built in as it’s helpful..

  • just sayin

    420 scope

  • Crimson 929

    Hello Dr. Have you had a chance to get the new Wonderbrett strain Cherry Trop? Another good one!

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  • Weed Entertainment

    Jungle Boys and Peace of Green (LA Made) are on deck.. let’s see what’s up..
    What a summer wowie.. 2021 the best summer ever.. IOG MAC 1 still top dog..
    I’ll grab WonderBrett Cherry Trop..
    Party on..

  • Loudawg01

    I’ve had it was pretty damn good

  • Jeremy Johnson

    How would you compare zoink to zoap? Similar?

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  • Weed Entertainment

    I liked both.. if I could only buy one, I’m going for zoink.. I think it covers more bases..
    It’s good for both heavy hitters and people like me looking for the euphoria with some focus.. the name is appropriate..
    It’s the zoink..
    Did you try..