Sublime Lime by Cannabiotix - Review - April 2024
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  • Published at 2024-04-26 19:00:31
  • @erickrueger2449

    Blue flame by CBX is great night time strain! Lightly euphoric but good sleep.

  • @Demonsmoke.-fc2hn

    Hey doc! Question have you tried sweet tangie from stiiizy it’s there black bags I think it’s up your alley

  • @lment420

    Haven’t tuned in a while, most definitely going to have to try that strain by cbx love their KushMountains strain cheers🙌🏽🔥💨💨

  • @13aboveTheNight.

    Doc i liked seed junky genetics gello shotz. Its grifafe puzzy bx1 or 2 i cant rember but its back crossed to permanent marker. The seed junky malibu is giraffe puzzy without the permanent marker. I havent tried the malibu but the gello shotz im going back for more

  • @dezbrycen3608

    I wanna try there Grandmaster OG by cannabiotix

  • @andybarker5687

    Happy Friday!

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Happy Friday Andy..
    Did you harvest ?

  • @jeredozaeta513

    What us your favorite flower you seem to have suoer high standards

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  • @randymartin4107

    master kush by cbx

  • @WeedEntertainment

    It’s really had to find good flowers now. The market has turned gelato hybrid and it’s a new high not the old school euphoric feeling.
    Why gelatos, because cultivators can get more yield per plant and they look and taste good..
    but it’s a body and head high which is not for me..
    I have a long video about to post with the best I tried..
    it’s in production now.
    If you didn’t see the
    2024 Weed Entertainment
    420 awards show.
    It features about 100 flowers to look for. You can’t blink pick better..
    Party on.. Happy Friday..

  • @WeedEntertainment

    I hope the bring back the
    CBX master kush.
    CBX is good at bringing back oldies but goodies better than any other cultivators I have seen.
    CBX Master Kush is the most euphoric flower I tried from CBX.
    Other good strains to try:
    Supreme Cream
    Mount Zereal Lush..
    Look for those..
    Party on..

  • @randymartin4107

    what i like from CBX is the contentment that i get from most of their strains, no need to cover im a stoner since the 70s and always on the search for the very best - i havent missed one show on weed entertainment ITS MY ENCYLOPEDEA for the best Party on....@@WeedEntertainment


    That flavor cup is ridiculous😂

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    It’s actually executive, pro grade and stays clean and is a portable desktop.
    It has three patents and it works better than anything I ever used.
    It’s one of the original vaporizers in the world. It can take heavy use and its friendly to people who don’t need to know. It contains smells and you can be sure there are no smells in the morning if you use it at home or in hotels.
    It can take heavy use when most all other vaporizers die a smoldering death. I’m so happy stopped smoking 20 years ago already..
    Age catches us all..
    Party on..