Snow White by Sticky Status - Review - April 2024
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Weed Entertainment
  • Published at 2024-04-25 20:22:57
  • @andybarker5687

    Thank goodness I can talk to the Doc still!!

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Brooklyn caught the issue and I guess the tech figured it out finally.
    We all need to get a chance to comment.
    Even my review of something I don’t like, people still say your review made me try it..
    I’m very surprised but that’s happens more than you would expect.
    Happy Thursday,

  • @andybarker5687

    ​@WeedEntertainment freedom of speech, let freedom Ring!!! Your doing the lords work. Testify!

  • @daniellara6760

    Doc try Sweet Retreat by Doja
    And try out
    Cold Heat by Watson supply 🔥

  • @djgiga2

    Doc I recommend Northern Lights by Huboldt Terp Council. Its a Sativa cut and has a good euphoric feeling and its STRONG too!

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Thanks for the recommendation..
    I think I saw that brand or something similar. I almost bought the super lemon haze.. from Humboldt something… this week.
    Stoney memory is not the best.
    Happy Friday.

  • @ted714


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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Let the best flowers be known
    so we can all enjoy them..
    Party on..