Best Lightweight Marijuana Strain of 2023 - 12 Strains - One Winner - February 2024
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  • Published at 2024-02-13 23:49:37
  • @bradob9049

    Amazing vid nice choices I love to watch these then go out and try and I’m excited to try these!

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    The best Doc’s flowers of 2023 is still to come.
    It should have posted first but it’s coming last.

  • @djtall3090

    I was thinking Doc....back in the 80s, 90s, early 2000s did you ever, in your wildest dreams, think that someday you would have a show reviewing hundreds of the best weed strains in world? What a time to be alive!

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Funny you would comment that.
    In real life I’m very responsible person who has to manage weed so I can be successful and get tasks done. In college, I was only a Friday night, Saturday night user.
    I was so lucky it was
    Gainesville Green.
    After that it’s always been a challenge to find weed all the time but I’m pro grade at that.
    I wish I could tell the stores (we all have many).. but you can’t talk about that here as it’s against policy.
    The dream started almost 20 years ago and I did put some infrastructure in place but issues with flowers are a no no so it’s been a slow go. Now I know my time in real life is limited. I don’t think people realize how forward thinking the channel is. How can you continue to use and be more functional in the long run.
    Look how dirty a bong gets and you can see how much less using VaporCup.
    The journey is how to find the best, keep on task in a better way.
    I test myself regularly and I know it’s time to slow down.
    I have a great life and I’m surrounded by people like you who actually care. I think that’s the key to life.. I appreciate all the recommendations and friendships.
    We are the true stoners. We love flowers.. but not all flowers are the same. Enjoy the show. One day it will just be reruns like Sanford and Son..
    I’m coming to join you Elizabeth..
    party on.. your appreciated..
    The Doc

  • @brooklynyoblon1536

    @@WeedEntertainmentHah I’m watching Sanford and Son right now. Still the greatest sitcom ever‼️ I’m comin to join you Elizabeth‼️🤪

  • @WeedEntertainment

    Wheezy is the Jeffersons
    Aya.. thanks for the catch..
    I used to love all those old shows.
    Fred Sanford was my favorite tho..

  • @djtall3090

    ​@WeedEntertainment Doc everytime you do a multi strain review and say "we're moving on up" I think of the Jeffersons theme song. Well we're movin' on up, to the east side
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky
    Movin on up
    To the east side
    We finally got a piece of pie

  • @crypto_que

    I got an RS 11 from a dispo last year, as a second batch. The first one was really tasty, so I picked up the second one without thinking twice...
    Man the second time around despite "only" testing at 23% the stuff was a real head banger it's just so damn strong. Now all I do is put a few chunks in a J with some other strains many which test much higher but that RS 11 is friggin strong. Glad to see a "lower" THC flower made the top of your list.

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    RS-11 is really good.
    It’s a discombobulator..
    I also tried the 23% version..
    It’s way strong enough..
    Party on..

  • @marialeal7728

    Where can I find iceberg slim og? I usually go to cañasylmar I never seen it

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Check Weedmaps..
    It’s out there now..
    Party on

  • @dezbrycen3608

    Try fire og by high 90s my favorite og rn euphoric og not that sleepy og it's a small batch for valentine day

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    I tried Tire Fire OG by the Marathon Cultivation. It’s was very strong too.

  • @dezbrycen3608

    @@WeedEntertainment marathon got some good strains you ever watch fsotd, first smoke of the day on YouTube there having a reunion in Hollywood LA, Feb 24 alot of top brand will be there and u can buy products at a good price

  • @blebber2052

    Hey Doc, I was thinking of going to get some of the GSC x OG, but the batches are from September, would you recommend going and getting it or waiting 2 weeks for the next batch?

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Some would say don’t buy more than 90 days after pack date.
    I think the batches matter more.
    It was the winner of the 2023 lightweights and it’s not light..
    I would go for the old batch if you have VaporCup.
    I wish it was in a jar.
    It would live longer..
    New batches are never the same..
    Please comment once you try .

  • @andybarker5687

    Euphoria !

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Everyday should be a feel good,
    do better day..
    enjoy your ice cream with hot fudge
    and some euphoric flowers..

  • @andybarker5687

    @WeedEntertainment  reminds of this song, called "Be all end all" by a band named Anthrax.

    State of mind
    Euphoria !

  • @enjoijjj

    Lightweight? Kinda disrespectful for the growers

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Are all flowers the same strength?
    Lightweights can be the best..
    After years of use they may also not be enough..
    No disrespect.
    All the flowers featured are winners.
    I tried 200 plus flowers in 2023
    and these are winners..
    All of them 🏅

  • @taylorw8933

    For me some of the best lights would have to be d1, guavaz from greendawg, purple sticky rice from turtle pie, duck sauce from ted, lemon tree upnorth

  • @taylorw8933

    I realized lightweights have their own place when I used to go to a club in nor cal who used to win best stand every year at the cannabis cup, the majority of their good tasting/ good smoking connoisseur strains were 12-20 percent unless otherwise specifically bred for strength then it'd go up to 28 but those were more rare in there