Delusion - by Fig Farms - Review - January 2024
  • 1 month(s) ago

Weed Entertainment
  • Published at 2024-01-16 23:15:43
  • @resetgang6638

    Holy Moly is the frostiest bud I've ever seen. I'm currently smoking their LCG, fig farms is amazing

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    My best lists off 2023 will post soon.
    It takes time to do the big videos..

  • @sdtrailrider8070

    I think you're pretty much on point about this one and Holy Moly. I've tried many Figment crosses now, and the Blueface x Figment is one of the best. Figment x Zeclair is also quite good and has a long lasting sativa hybrid buzz. For indica vibes Kush Newton is real good, but more nighttime, for me at least. Another stand out is Momochi #1. There is another phenotype of it out there too. You can't loose with any of these IMO!

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Thanks for the info.
    Fig is bringing new top shelf.
    Holy Moly.. 💪
    My best lists will post soon.
    They will be good episodes.
    You can see the change in what cultivators are growing and changing trends.
    Happy Friday

  • @sdtrailrider8070

    @@WeedEntertainment you too Doc. Looking forward to it. 😎👍

  • @khachikchuldzhyan9379

    Good review doc just came out the store from out of charts reseda and got a new cbx strain sherbert and also blem fritta the cbx one I just hit and it’s good very nice high

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    I like that store.
    Good menu..
    I was planning to try a new dispensary in Woodland Hills because of a good menu and they have one strain I want to try.
    Maybe the odd the off the charts is closer. I’ll check out the menu..
    You need to pick better these days.
    Some good strains are coming around again now that I missed the first go round. You will see some good old picks from CBX and Backpack Boyz are about to post.
    They are in the market now.
    Happy Friday

  • @brooklynyoblon1536

    How was the CBX HEIRBLOOM Sherbert❓❓❓

  • @khachikchuldzhyan9379

    @@brooklynyoblon1536 really good happy high I enjoyed it a lot and the high sticks to you 👍

  • @emojiking8580

    😮Holy Moly ?

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    Holy Moly is 🔥🔥🔥

  • @sammicoporsammicopor

    You shouldnt judge them by effects but rather instead, you should judge them by texture, aroma, visual appeal & flavour.

    The effects vary person to person. One person may get a better high from this then you did.

    I notice that you maybe do it on accident or possibly may not know but you do that a lot.

    If I judge a strain now, I judge on things everyone will likely share like visual or flavor if its the right strain.
    You could say what the effects it had on you so people may have an idea on what they could expect but you should honestly not judge it on effects alone.

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  • @justsayin7865

    Yes but the effects is the most important closely followed by taste then followed by smell and lastly appearance to me anyways

  • @WeedEntertainment

    Everyone is different.
    I’m a buyer, you’re a buyer…
    We share info..
    If you think it’s reliable, it’s useful.
    I think the key is reliable..
    This show will stand the test of time.
    If you watch, you buy better especially if you’re a heavyweight who wants to get stuff done.

  • @brooklynyoblon1536

    Sam no offense BUT effects are EVERYTHING‼️ And they really do not vary that much from person to person. None of that other stuff matters at all. When I read a review that only focuses on looks aroma blah blah it’s an immediate signal to not return to that reviewer. So many reviewers dwell on this minutiae as if I care but I don’t. Only thing that matters is how it’s gonna make me feel. And the doc does cover these characteristics but always emphasizes that beauty and aroma have absolutely no bearing on the effects.

  • @djtall3090

    ​@@brooklynyoblon1536 Well said