Intergalactic Toad - by Tyson Ranch - Review - January 2024
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  • Published at 2024-01-19 20:00:15
  • @andybarker5687

    Happy Fryday!

  • @bbrown7536

    I Had tryed all his strains very good

  • @AK-ts8ry

    videos of you talking to cultivars and brand owners with your same camera angle would be a great show could be patreon content,
    I think Erba sawtelle has heirloom brand new batches which is powered by cbx- love your videos!

  • @artderesh8174

    My favorite Tyson is Southern Toad so tastie

  • @artderesh8174

    Saw this online


    In proper storage, dried cannabis can last anywhere from 6 months to a year before it starts to lose its smell, flavor, and potency but this doesn’t mean cannabis only lasts 12 months. According to research, cannabis loses up to 20% THC after 1 year of storage.
    Years of Storage Percentage Loss (THC)
    1 16%
    2 26%
    3 34%
    4 41%

    Relationship loss of THC and years of storage

    As you can see in the table above, cannabis will not expire per se, but can get old and lose its:
    Cannabinoids; Terpenes and; Flavonoids.

    Now, this doesn’t mean your weed will not be good for consumption but its quality will be affected, even in the right storage, as years go by.

    Some food for thought

  • @brooklynyoblon1536

    A day with a Doc review is a GOOD day - a NINE day‼️🤪🙏🏻 Doc - I’m digging the vapor cup tonight. Been barely able to sleep for this past week decided spur of the moment to take a short t-break that ended up being one week. Broke out the cup for this special night as a
    I rewatch this. 👍 Anyway you wouldn’t approve my weed choice but actually quite good - BackPack boyz Black Cherry Gelato 🍧

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  • @WeedEntertainment

    I have some good older strains about to post..
    It’s all about the batches.
    You’re right I wouldn’t have bought that..
    Have a Good weekend.

  • @brooklynyoblon1536

    @@WeedEntertainmentThanks Doc hope your weekend is good too. And as someone else mentioned CBX has a new line of old school flowers called HEIRBLOOM. I’ll definitely be checking out the offerings. Party On‼️🤪

  • @khachikchuldzhyan9379

    @@brooklynyoblon1536I tried the master kush and sherbet so far and both are really good but he sherbet probably best one I have had of that strain it’s very nice and cruising high

  • @cheebah7109

    Just ordered an eighth from a new company called Heirbloom Legacy Flower powered by CBX and the strain is master kush…I will let you know if it’s any good, first time trying this “new company”

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  • @cheebah7109

    It’s gas ⛽️ 🔥 9/10 hittin on all cylinders

  • @WeedEntertainment

    Good catch..
    I’ll look around tomorrow..
    I want to try..
    I think master kush is CBX best

  • @DocDaGoat

    Been following you for years now Doc. Would love to see you travel the US and try out each state/major cities cannabis! Make it your company and get some tax breaks to fund it!

  • @Tonyc710

    Intergalactic toad is , gmo🧄x hon solo 🍔 burger